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What to do when you're not spending time with God

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

"I just can't muster up the strength to do it."

I asked a friend who was struggling with consistently spending time with God to describe what was keeping her from reading her bible and praying.

Her answer was profoundly simple and honest. She said, "Me".

She acknowledged that there was no real excuse, but that she hadn't prioritized time with God and that she needed help to do so again.

This is where Godly community and counsel comes into play!

I've been there. Seriously. I've only been following Christ for about 9 years now and I've experienced this in my own walk like 50 plus times. Want to check out why I think this is so common, check out my piece "Why our fire for Christ wanes and why it doesn't have to". Here are some things that have helped me when I've stopped spending time with God and literally feel no desire to seek Him or I feel so weak that I just can't muster the motivation to do it on my own.

Tip # 1: Acknowledge there is a problem. This is not okay or normal. You were made to commune with God In Christ. Remind yourself, this is not good and that God is the only way you will get out of it.

Not guilt or passivity. But God. We need the Holy Spirit to help us! Take time right now to pray and ask God for His Spirit to empower you to take action.

Tip # 2: Look at the practical hindrances. I spoke with my friend about her schedule. She simply did not have time with God carved out in her schedule. This would make it very difficult to happen. It just wasn't a priority. My recommendation is to schedule your time with God. Set an appointment that people will respect and understand that you can't break.

If you're super busy and tired after work and just want to chill - you gotta sacrifice and get up before work to seek God.

Tip # 3: Have a game plan. We wouldn't get very far in our mornings nevertheless our lives if we didn't have a plan. It's pivotal that we do everything we can to "Love the Lord God with all our heart, mind and soul". It's important to note that this is only possible by the Holy Spirit. But this pursuit is a Godly one and it comes with consistently spending time in His presence.

Black christian woman blog, Christian speaker, christian writer, christian wife, black christian youtuber and mother and women's bible study teacher Jamie J. Edwards is a young millennial christian based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

For more detailed, practical information on developing a rich and consistent time with God Download my free E-book, "Building Faithfulness with God".

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