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Flowers & Co. is a floral and bouquet mobile application that emphasizes customization. With over +120 stores in the U.S and international locations, users have access to locally sources flowers and competitive prices. 

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Project Type

UX/UI Design Capstone


10 weeks


Product Designer

UX Researcher

Brand Strategist

Expanding reach with a floral flair

Business Ask

Flowers & Co. reached out in search of team that could design them a mobile application. After growing their client base to 35,000/month, they recognized that they could grow their impact and reach their customers more directly with an application. 

  • Encouraging online orders to over the phone orders

Flower & Co Owners would like us to focus on:

  • Emphasizing and promoting the existing loyalty rewards program

  • Attracting new customers via the apple and android stores.


How can customers get easy on-the-go access to customizing and ordering flowers, while also taking advantage of their reward points?

A few questions came to mind:

  • How do customers currently go about ordering flowers?

  • What does their typical process look like?

  • Are there any pain points throughout the process?

  • Why might they prefer calling in to ordering online?

User-Centered Approach

Design Process

3. Ideate

Competitive Audit


5. Test

User Testing

Incorporation of Feedback

1. Empathize

Secondary Research

Primary Research

2. Define

User Persona

Empathy Mapping

4. Prototype

Low-fidelity wireframes

6. Prototype

High fidelity wireframes

Understanding the Challenge

Preparing for Research

In this scenario, we would ask the Flowers & Co. team for reports and data that they  collected on their customers and target audience. However, we quickly recognized that additional research would be necessary to gather information specifically on our users' perspectives and experiences with flower apps and their experience with Flowers & Co. 

Method 2: User Interviews

I reached out to over 25 regular Flowers & Co. customers from a listserv they provided us with. First, I emailed them and extended an invitation to participate in our user interviews. However, we didn't receive many replied and so the next step was to text customers to participate and also encourage shop owners to offer 10% off of the next order if they participated in our interview. After this we were easily able to get 15 participants to participate. We were able to gather the following data:



Lack of customizability

Booking - Next Steps

Lack of Confirmation






Defining the Problem + Goal

Improving the user experience

Users need access to freely customize their orders. They also need clear next steps at each stage in the floral arrangement purchasing process. 

Measurability of Success:

Number of completed purchases

New mobile app downloads

Utilization of rewards program

User Journey Map

Empathizing with the target user

After I organized the results from the user interviews, I used the feedback to develop artifacts including a persona and user journey map. These aided in combining user insights and maintaining an empathetic view of our target users. During this process, I also researched existing apps such as 1800Flowers, Edible, and ProFlowers. 

Here, we have an example of our user's Omar Owino’s user journey revealed how essential it is for user’s to have an easy, quick and customizable process to order flowers on the Flowers & Co. app.

Omar Owino_persona pic.png
Flowers & Co. Portfolio V2_black arrow.png


Download flower shop app

Flowers & Co. Portfolio V2_black arrow.png


Overwhelmed by the large amount of flower shop apps

Flowers & Co. Portfolio V2_black arrow.png

Improvement Opportunities:

Prompt users to download app when opening the website



As I moved on to the ideation stage, one exercise I used to begin fleshing out some ideas was storyboarding. I sketched various screens, which allowed me to get a clearer understanding of the direction of the user flow that would most effectively solve the user's pain points.


Auditing our competitors

The first step in our competitive audit where were identified direct and indirect competitors and scored each based on various factors such as their overall desktop and app experiences. As well as Interaction, visual design and content. Afterwards, I used this insight and information to complete a competitive audit report which was used with our research and findings during our empathize stage to begin wireframing and prototyping. 

Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 5.48.38 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 5.47.02 PM.png

Building the design

As I moved on to the next stage - wire framing and low-fi prototyping I made sure to consider the various artifacts from our Empathize and Ideate stages. These served as our anchors to ensure our design process remained user-centered throughout. 

Flowers & Co. Login (2).png
Flowers & Co. Login (3).png
Flowers & Co. Login.png
Flowers & Co. Login (6).png

Usability Testing

Pain Points

I conducted a usability study in which 6 users were asked to test our low-fi and high-fi prototypes. During our the usability study of our low-fi prototype 3 out of 5 users reported that the customization was too difficult to use and found it confusing. Over 80% quit before completing the task. 

3 out of 5

Customization Feature

3 out of 5

Rewards Program

4 out of 5

Variety of Choice


Implementing feedback from users

I analyzed the data and feedback from the usability study and gathered insights. I decided to add a confirmation alert and to update pricing upon selection of adds-on to avoid users being surprised with the cost upon viewing their cart items. These changes were successful and led to 100% of users reporting that they felt confident when customizing their orders and knowing the cost during and after the shopping process. 


Easy customizing of flower arrangements

  • Simplifying customize feature

  • Clarifying messaging

  • Confirmation of completion


Clear next steps in the order process

Flowers & Co_mock up_main IA.png
Flowers & Co. Login (3).png
  • Accessible delivery roadmap

  • Multiple opportunities to change order

Flowers & Co. Login.png
Flowers & Co. Login (2).png



I conducted a second usability study with the same participants in order to identify what other points in the user flow needed to be improved upon. I was able to gather the following data and make observations to make the necessary iterations moving. 

Overall IA

Element Consistency

  • Improve overall IA and ease of starting floral arrangement selection

  • Seasonly dated theme and color palette

  • Overall consistency with elements

Dated theme/color palette


  • I applied dynamic type and auto layout features for users to adjust accordingly.

  • I integrated voice to text features on all search capabilities across the desktop and mobile sites.


Continuing to improve the product

I continued to iterate and apply the feedback provided throughout the usability studies. Ultimately, I made three versions of the product. The emphasis this round was cleaning up the home page IA to ensure users were more easily to access flower arrangements and improving the overall application of the brand throughout the mobile app.


Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Final Product

High Fidelity Prototype

Flowers & Co. Login (2).png
Flowers & Co. Login (2).png
Flowers & Co. Login (4).png
Flowers & Co. Login.png
Flowers & Co. Login (4).png
Flowers & Co. Login (5).png
Flowers & Co. Login (3).png

What's Next?

Design Impact


We anticipate the number of completed of purchases to increase by 15-30% based on ease of customizability and accessibility throughout the floral purchasing process. We also expect to see a boost in application downloads in 2024 as the application is added to both apple and android app stores. Due to the ease of accessibility to the rewards program, we're forecasting a significant increase in the number of loyalty program users.

Future Considerations

There still remains a lot to explore with the Flowers & Co app. Can an augmented reality feature be added to allow users to see what an arrangement would look like in their home? Is there a way to confirm the bouquet before it’s delivered feature?

Would a picture or a link to join live as the bouquet is being prepared ease user concerns? These are a few of the questions I would like to investigate further.

What I Learned

Self Relections

Iterating over time

After 10 weeks of designing this mobile application I've iterated and completed three versions. I've learned how essential and imperative user feedback is to designing a product that clients enjoy and want to use. I was able to get valuable feedback such as with the IA and overall brand application from users of various backgrounds.

In the future, I would focus on a single user flow rather than 3-4 user flows and various features. This resulted in the project taking twice as long as expected to complete with much more elements to design and account for throughout the process. 

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