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About Jamie J.

Hey, I'm Jamie! I've been writing short stories and recording video since I can remember. As a young child, I was trusted and asked to film the school events at my elementary school. Little did I know that fast forward 20 years God would introduce and lead me to marry a professional photographer and creative. 

I'm so thankful that God has reminded me of things I've always enjoyed, but tucked deep down hidden for some time. It's my love for God and desire for women to see Him rightly that pushed me out of my usual comfort zone. 

He's worthy. Because of this truth, I wanted to create content that centered on this fact. Good content. High Quality, Fun Christ Centered Content. As highlighted through my podcast show focused on godly femininity (Fem in Him), our married faith & culture podcast (Fruitful Sessions) and Youtubing (Edwards Family Short Films). 

The money that you invest into our network of shows and content means so much. We intend to use it wisely and intentionally. 

- Jamie J. Edwards

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